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This is in large part due to her being Hip Hop in the traditional meaning of that phrase: Knowing who you are, being who you are no matter who says what, seeking and speaking truth no matter how unpopular it may be and what you may lose and opposing injustice and oppression anywhere you find it. 

"My mother said I came out of the womb asking 'why?' I asked it about everything. 'We do things this way' 'Ah okay... why?' 'We just do!' 'Why?' I would keep asking until I got a reasonable answer, if I got none I assumed the tradition was pointless and ignored it. I've been a curious person my entire life. I remember distinctly feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders as a young child having to find a grand unified theory of humanity in psychology, philosophy, metaphysics etc. and a way to translate it to others to help them stop killing one another and living life in ways that pained them.

Maybe it was all the traveling, or the exposure to people most do not get exposed to who all treated me and my ideas with reverence despite their positions and power, but kid me felt very much like an observer looking in. A very empathetic observer who felt the same pain for anyone else's pain no matter where they were or what their circumstance because I'd been and associated myself with people everywhere and in any circumstance. 

I guess adult me is similar to be honest, just more aware of needing to fully experience life rather than detaching from it too much." Delyric has said in an interview on her local radio station 93.3FM. 

It was this activist nature that turned Delyric from a lifelong fan and dabbler into a full blown artists several years ago. She had been working to have Mumia released while the Eric Garner case exploded and divided her attention. Usually calm and cool (a trait from having grown up around a lot of people who would take out any frustrations she expressed on people she expressed them about in fairly permanent ways) she felt like she was losing her mind. Always the writer and creative spirit, she found that wasn't enough to release the pent up anger she was feeling and took to the studio.  


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